Approved Products 

Fresh food and Pantry Items

  • Thrive Market - A great online market to buy lots of healthy pantry items at a discounted price. The membership does cost a small fee but is made up for through all the amazing discounts and deals.

  • Butcher Box - High quality, ethically raised meat. Buy a box to have meat delivered to your door every 4 - 10 weeks. Store in the freezer to have meat always available and avoid the trip to the store.

  • Vital Proteins collagen- I am a huge fan of all things vital protein. Some of my favorite itemasare their collage (Bovine and Marine), dehydrated bone broth (which is a super convenient pantry item to have on hand), the collagen beauty waters and the post-workout protein drinks.

  • Epic Provisions - Great choices for jerky, protein bars, breakfast bars and bone broth.

  • Redmond Real Salt - Switch out your table salt for this great tasting nutrient dense salt

  • Laird Superfood - Great drink powders (coffee creamers, hydration mixes, mushroom elixers)

  • Primal Kitchen - Amazing high quality salad dressings, marinades, sauces and oils

  • Nuun Tablets - Electrolyte tablets for sports hydration. Also a great way to make water taste more exciting!

  • Wild Zora Foods - Clean backpacking meals and meat / veggie bars

  • Trace Minerals - High quality source for vitamins and minerals. The power packs are a great b great immunity boost and the electrolyte drops are great to add to water during long, hot exercise sesions

  • Wild Planet Foods - Sustainably Wild Caught canned and packaged fish.

  • Applegate - Humanely and environmentally responsible raised meats. Sandwich meats are very tasty and great for those times when you need real food on the go.

  • Madhava - Natural sweeteners such as honey and agave

  • Kate's Real Food Bars - Organic, Local Granola Bars

  • Waterloo's - Very flavorful seltzer water. Great alternative to soda.

  • Enchantment Creek - Local, wildcrafted bitters and herbs. These are my absolute favorites!



Personal Care Products

One great resource to test your personal care products toxic load is an app called Think Dirty. This app allows you to not only look up a product but also you can scan the bar code on a product to speed the process up. It then lists each ingredient, the possible danger level of each ingredient and the overall toxic load of the product as a whole.


Cleaning Products