Hello there!

I'm Madi!
I am a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer with a huge passion for helping females gain an understanding and love for their unique and AMAZING biology! When we learn to work with our bodies, instead of against them, health and happiness result. Let me share with you my journey to this devotion.

Ever since I can remember I was always burdened with constant digestive issues. Countless visits to the doctor ended with no answers to address the questions. It was always an effort to address the immediate issues without ever taking the time to try to find the root cause or a long term solution. Unfortunately, my digestive dysfunction became my new normal and I was led to believe that was just the way I was. To say the least, my relationship with my body became one of little intuition or love. I developed a mindset of negative self body image, and began down a path of eating disorders, over-exercise and destructive self talk.


Once I entered my early 20's, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid and Hashimoto's. This diagnosis at the time seemed as nothing more than a pill to take each morning. A couple years later, after returning home from living abroad briefly, my health quickly began to deteriorate.  The symptoms I was experiencing became debilitating and honestly just down right scary. After a couple months of this suffering, I realized I had to take my health into my own hands or else I honestly might not survive. I desperately sought out information and began a journey into the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol. I quickly began to experience relief from so many of my symptoms! This created a spark I had never fully experienced before, I became completely intrigued with my health and for the first time I began to truly appreciate and admire the amazing machine which my body is. I guess in todays terms, you could say I began my journey into "self love". 

While always having a love of running and the outdoors, my new found health and energy pushed me further in this direction. I was now able to run up mountains, at distances which seemed impossible to me before. However I never could quite understand why some days were so much better than others, even when I seemed to be following the same health routine. I would get down on myself and become so frustrated with all the time and effort I had put in for nothing. Then one day I began to dive into an idea which I never had stopped to considered before, that being a female created walls and bridges which were not necessarily there for men. Being a female meant that my physiology and functioning were so much more complex than what I had ever believed. This knowledge began to give me so much liberation! Knowing how, why and when my body would perform at different levels allowed me to end the negative self talk and confusion and  work with my bodies natural rhythms instead of against them. 

As females, I believe this missing piece of information may be one of the greatest disservices to us as a whole. No one talks about it and so many of us are left in the dark, confused about our own bodies. This is where women lose confidence in themselves, unwanted pregnancies occur, and over-training and lack of self care may contribute to endocrine and autoimmune dysfunction. I am passionate to end this ignorance behind female function. Knowledge is power! Cultivating knowledge about our amazing bodies and how to work with our cycles may be the most empowering thing we as women can do for ourselves. We are NATURAL and we are WILD! Through understanding and working with this knowledge, we can show the world what 'Girl Power' really means!

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